Project: Co-Generation Diesel Power Plant
Capacity: 2 x 5.5 MWel 5 t/h steam, 4.4 MWth hot water at 85 C
Location: Birko factory in Niğde, Turkey
Time: December 1999 to June 2000
Client: BIRKO A.Ş., Niğde, Turkey
Services: Electro-mechanical erection works
Details: OLP`s services consisted of the erection and installation of the entire mechanical and electrical equipment and plant including diesel gensets with LV & MV switchgear, transformers, waste heat recovery boiler system supplied by MAN B&W from Augsburg, Germany as well as installation of all piping systems including insulation and pipe supports.
OLP was responsible for the delivery and installation of all LV (13km) and MV cables (~300m 11kV & ~400m 30kV), electrical installation material, diesel oil and heavy fuel oil storage tanks, pipe supports as well as mechanical installation materials.