Project: Upgrading of the Tank Farm on Funadhoo Island
Location: Funadhoo, Republic of Maldives
Time: 2003
Client: STO State Trading Organisation PLC, Malé
Services: Preparation of a study and documents for design as well as operation and maintenance to upgrade the fuel storage island, including:
  • Data collection and analysing of the existing facilities and the fuel supply development, reviewing the existing tank locations and the possibility to store Mogas 95 on Funadhoo Island
  • Identifying power requirements, analysing the heat supply facilities for future IFO tanks in form of thermal or electric heating
  • Preparation of conceptual design for dyke walls and flooring, providing a conceptual design for drainage and oily water separation system, preparation of a concept for handling and disposal of the sludge
  • Reviewing of the detailed design for fire fighting systems
  • checking the existing unloading procedures, preparation of operation and maintenance guidelines, implementing safety and emergency guidelines
Details: At the time the study was prepared, the fuel was stored at two islands as follows: petrol (Mogas 95) at Dhoonidhoo in three different vertical cylindrical tanks with 300 m3, 600 m3 and 900 m3 capacity, kerosene (Jet Fuel A1) at Funadhoo island in four bullet tanks of 130 m3 each and one bullet tank of 210 m3 capacity and diesel oil at Funadhoo in five vertical cylindrical cone roof tanks of 2200 m3 each and two vertical cylindrical cone roof tanks of 4200 m3 each.