Project: Diesel Power Project D5
Capacity: 54 MW diesel power plants and 5.4 MW diesel-gas power plants
10 x 1.5 MW, 14 x 2.8 MW, 2 x 2.7 MW (Dual Fuel)
Location: PLN Perusahan Listrik Negara, Indonesia
Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Time: 1998 to 1999
Client: SIEMENS Erlangen
Services: Site management and supervision on civil works at Gorontalo
Details: OLP was responsible of the site management in order to avoid an imminent delay of the civil works at Gorontalo diesel power station of about 2 months and to recover the delay already occurred of about 6 weeks. OLP ensured the quality of civil works despite increased working speed and speed up the performance of the local civil contractor in an extremely short time so that the contractual date could be achieved