Project: Diesel Power Project D5
Capacity: 54 MW diesel power plants and 5.4 MW diesel-gas power plant
Location: OLP performed services at following sites:
PLN Perusahan Listrik Negara, Indonesia
Sambas (2x1.5 MW), Sampit (2x2.8 MW), Singkawang (3x2.8 MW) and Sintang (2x1.5 MW) in Kalimantan,
Jayapura (1x2.8 MW) in Irian Jaya and Bima (2x2.8 MW) in Sumbawa
Time: January 1999 to August 1999
Client: Colenco Power Engineering / PLN (local utility), Jakarta
Services: Supervision of construction, erection and commissioning
Details: OLP supervised erection and commissioning of civil and electro-mechanical works including related MV switchgear and underground cables feeding the overhead transmission lines. Additionally OLP performed investigations concerning problems with coupling / alignment of engine to generator, including correction of design deficiencies. OLP was responsible for the training of local site supervision engineers, quality assurance as well as claim management.